why use an agreement

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why use an agreement

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What is Gazumping and How to Avoid it?

Gazumping occurs when the house seller accepts a higher price offer from another buyer after the initial offer has been accepted. You can be gazumped at any time until your contracts are actually ‘exchanged’.

Fortunately, we offer you an Anti-Gazumping Agreement, that’s extensively researched and concisely written by our experienced solicitors.

Once your offer has been accepted (by the seller):

  1. Ask that the property be taken off the market (You should get this in writing or it really is meaningless).
  2. Use our simple, comprehensive and easy-to-use Anti-Gazumping Agreement, which commits both parties to exchanging within an agreed period of time.

We will provide you with the only documentation you’ll need as well as helpful guidance and support to complete your Anti-Gazumping Contract quickly, easily and with a minimum of stress and discomfort.