why use an agreement

"About three years ago I put in an offer..."
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why use an agreement

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will offer

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"I thought gazumping was a thing of the past until it happened to me this year! I wish Iíd used your service sooner."
Dr Dennis Petes, Newcastle. December 2005


"Thank you, your service was very easy to use and I feel much safer now. My sister was gazumped and it really annoyed her, so I was determined it wouldnít happen to me."
Janice Caulder, Peterborough. December 2005


"Your service and agreement was very professional and your customer support was very helpful. Thank you."
Brian Paris, Cardiff. September 2005


"Itís happened to my wife and me twice. Now it wonít happen again!"
Mark Jones, Birmingham. July 2005


"This is my first property purchase, Iíve heard so many horror stories about gazumping I thought I should protect myself. Thank you for your excellent service."
Sally Fields, Cirencester. March 2005